Contract Signing of EPC Project of India 600t/d Tinted Float Glass Production Line by QGRDI
Release Time [2015-09-17]


In response to the strategy of “Going Globally” and “The Belt and Road ” of the State, Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research & Design Institute has risen abruptly based on its accumulated strength, and signed project turnkey contracts with India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Ethiopia for recent two years. Besides, the design and goods supply contract has also been signed with other countries such as Nigeria, Vietnam and Uganda. 
The contract signing ceremony of EPC Project of 600t/d Tinted Float Glass Production Line is held with Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research & Design Institute and GOLD PLUS GLASS INDUSTRY LIMITED of India in New Delhi, India on September 17, 2015. CHEN Shuangqi, President of Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research & Design Institute has signed the EPC Project Contract with Mr. SUBHASH TYAGI, Chairman of GOLD PLUS GLASS INDUSTRY LIMITED.
This is the result after long years’ tracking, and obtaining the Owner’s trust by providing high quality services actively.
This company is located in Roorkee, India. It has a 460t/d float glass production line, which began the production in 2009 and is in operation up to now. This company decides to build a 600t/d float glass production line because of the good glass market situation in India.
Currently, our Institute has completed the entire design and purchase issues. The civil construction of the Owner goes well, and most of the civil construction is completed. It plans to begin the production in 2017. 


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